• One year of blogging!

    Hi everyone! In July 2015, I decicded to make the "big jump" and to start this blog. A Preppy Perspective was born. I had many hesitations. Would it be successful? Was it worth it? Had I something interesting enough to…

  • Chalkboard ideas winter pleasure snow snowflakes

    Winter pleasures

    Get your countdown! There are just 30 days left until it's officially Spring! I can't wait to see the days becoming longer, the colours of the first flowers, the delicate and fresh greens of a new beginning in the garden...…

  • A brand new home!

    Welcome to the brand new version of A Preppy Perspective ! After a few weeks of work, here we are! I hope you'll love the new layout? Don't hesitate to share in a comment below!      

  • Bienvenue !

    Hello and Welcome on A Preppy Perspective ! Preppy is the definition of a lifestyle, of an esthetic, of a universe on its own. It is navy and white stripes, a blazer, a chesterfield sofa, a labrador, a pearls necklace, a cristal jug with…