A spooky chic Halloween

We had the pleasure to spend Halloween at my sister and brother-in-law’s house and we had a terrific night together. She had made a beautiful decor for the evening and I couldn’t resist to share some pics with you. Our little boy, who just turned 2 a few days ago, was thrilled (it was actually the first time he was grown up enough to really enjoy it). My sister and brother-in-law had also invited some other friends who have a son the same age as ours and it was fun to see them so happy and excited!

My sister live in a beautiful country house in the North of France. Their house has a lot of charm which was perfect for the “Spooky Chic Halloween” theme she chose for our soiree. It was a nice idea as it was both great for adults and not too scary for young children. The menu was easy, delicious and perfect for the little ones too.

I let you discover the details of the soiree and hope you also spent a fantastic Halloween night!


Halloween spooky chic tablescape




Halloween menu











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