kiwi honey almonds yoghurt dessert

A quick and healthy dessert

Hi everyone! Today I’ll share with you a very quick and simple dessert idea if you have guests and not much in your fridge…

It’s healthy, super easy and really delicious!

Yoghurt (2/3 cup/guest)
Kiwis (1/2 for 1 guest)
Sliced almonds (1 tablespoon/guest)
Liquid honey


  • Roast the sliced almonds in a non stick skillet during a few minuts, until they begin to turn brown.
  • Peel the kiwis and cut them into very small cubes (called Julienne in French, by the way).
  • Just pour the yoghurt in your bowls, add two tablespoons of honey, and sprinkle with kiwi and almonds.

kiwi honey almonds yoghurt dessert


Voilà! It’s done and you just have to savour it right now! You can also vary the fruits: rasberries, peaches, blueberries, cherries… would all be perfect too! Don’t hesitate to share if you’ve tried it or if you made some changes!

See you soon!


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