7 Preppy chic Travel Essentials for Summer

Summer is the best time of the year for travelling and maybe have you already planned a fabulous trip in a few days or weeks? But travelling in style can sometimes be a little bit challenging. Hard to stay elegant yet comfortable after 8 hours in a car or blocked in the tiny seat of a plane. How can you keep your chic without sacrificing your comfort? Here is a list of the best preppy chic travel essentials that will do the job for you!

Longchamp Pliage

longchamp pliage plier courte marine 30_LRG

My ultime travel best friend. It’s perfect for extra storage and  to brinck back home the fabulous finds you can buy on vacation. They are practical, light-weighted, elegant and you can choose within a wide range of colours, sizes and models (backpack, travel bag…). Did I mention that you can personalize them with your monogram?


CHanel Path


The best and easiest way to feel absolutely fabulous is to wear a beautiful pair of sunglasses. You know that Jackie would agree on that.



A timeless classic that will always come in handy wether it will be to protect you from the freezing air conditionning during a flight or to keep you warm at dusk.

Ballerina flats


The perfect combo of casual elegance and comfort. You can wear them with everything. And you can take them off (or back) as quickly as you want. This can sound like a weird quality but you’ll be glad of it if you endure a long car trip.

Chic luggage


Ok. So you have the sunglasses, the perfect outfit, a beautiful handbag… but don’t neglect your luggage! It tells a lot about you and your style. An elegant woman loves to carry on a practical, sturdy and elegant luggage. So help yourself and invest in a good one. Your back and your look will thank you.


Wether it will be for a stroll to the market or an afternoon at the beach, a tote bag is always welcomed too. A chic tote bag can transform your outfit from frumpy to chic so don’t hesitate to invest in a quality model.

Interesting books


The best companion of any travel is a great book. And vacation is the best time of the year to enjoy long hours of reading pure pleasure. CHic is not just a style! It’s an art de vivre too!


I hope you’re spending a fabulous Summer and I see you in a next post!

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