Rhum pineapple juice cocktail

A quick and easy Summer kick off dinner

Before the rest of our trip to Normandy, I wanted to share with you a little Summer entertaining post. This Monday is Memorial Day and it kind of kicks off the Summer season. And with the beautiful weather we enjoyed here these past few days, I was completely in the mood for a special evening with my husband to celebrate the sunny days. But the truth was I hadn’t planned much and didn’t have a lot of food in my fridge. Whatever! After having read a great article from Stonegable on how to lighten up your decor for Summer (Thanks Yvonne!), I looked for my new blue and white pillows and accessories and decided it was time for them to show up. I put my new table runner on the table with two hurricanes and within minuts, our living room had a totally new decor and it was really nice to feel this Summer breeze in our home. Especially, as some of you may know, as we live in a house where there is still a lot of building work to do so I’m not at the point to really “decorate” our living room. It was SO good to make this extra effort even in an unfinished room! It seemed much more cozy and inviting like that and I was very happy with the result.


For the menu, we began with a delicious cocktail you can easily make with dark rhum, honey, pineapple and orange juice. I usually keep in our freezer some pineapple pieces to put in our smoothies and it is very handy to decorate a cocktail glass. Pineapple freezes very well and keeps a nice aspect and taste so go for it if you haven’t tried it yet!

Rhum pineapple juice cocktail

Rhum pineapple juice cocktail

In French this time before dinner is called an apéritif. It is usually a great time to gather, relax and chit chat together while dinner is cooking. It’s an institution in many European countries and, I must say, a delightful tradition.

Our appetizer was a rice and tuna salad with chopped tomatoes and scallions. I used one of this pre-cooked rice portion you just have to warm up 1 minut in the microwave so it was quick and easy without having to cook a full portion. 5 minuts. Done! Wow, this was hard work…

Rice and tuna salad appetizer

Rice and tuna salad appetizer


Then we had a Shrimp chowder. It is a super easy and delicious recipe that I’ve done many times and that instantly give a Summer flair to any menu. Of course it isn’t as good as the authentic New England clam chowder, but for the effort and time it asked I was totally satisfied 🙂 The recipe comes from Everyday Food, here is the link if you wan to make it too. Again, very quick and it simmered gently while we were having our aperitif and first plate so I didn’t had to bother about cooking during the evening.

Shrimp chowder

Finally, I served some roasted peaches and apricots with cinnamon, honey, toasted almond and whipped cream. You can roast the apricots and peaches with some lavender too. It gives a special touch for a very Provençal dessert.

And voilà, it was done! A delightful night together, savouring the beginning of the Summer. I can’t wait for everything Summer has to offer: grilling parties, late nights outside, Ocean, beaches, swimming pools, ice cream, dresses, sandals, roses, lavender, cherries, watermelon, dinner al fresco, naps… I’m definitely a Summer girl so even if we know that Summer begins normally on the 20th of June, I’m still going to already wish you all the best Summer ever!



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