Mini-trip to Normandy (II) : Rouen

This is the second part of our mini-trip in Normandy. As you may have seen in my previous post, our first step was the whimsical village of Gerberoy. In the afternoon, we headed to Rouen after a great picnic time.

We never had the chance to discover this city and I knew there were several historical treasures in there that were worth a visit. It was also there that we were spending the night. So, what have we seen during our afternoon in Rouen? Well, first of all, the city is famous for its incredible and majestic gothic cathedral. The building of the cathedral began during the High Middle Age and it is an impressive building. I wasn’t the only one to be impressed as I learned that Pissaro and Monet painted it numerous times. If you’re interested in more historical details about the cathedral, here is a link to the wikipedia page and to this interesting article.

What else can you see in Rouen besides the Cathedral, Queen of the city? A beautiful astronomical Great-Clock that made me think of the one in Prague, some pretty streets with half-timbered houses, a lot of great shops and an not-less-impressive courthouse. I let you discover them with the few pics below. After a great afternoon visiting Rouen, we decided to go back to our hotel for some cozy time together, especially because the weather was so cold this weekend! The days before had been very warm so nobody was prepared to this cold weather again, not even us! So we were quite freezing at the end of the day and so happy to go back inside.

I hope you’ll enjoy these little postcards from Rouen and see you soon for the third part of our trip: Jumièges Abbey!

Rouen cathedral

Rouen twisted half-timbered house

Half-timbered houses in Rouen

Church, Rouen

Detail of the front of a half-timbered house in Rouen

French café, Rouen

Half-timbered houses in Rouen

Rouen twisted half-timbered house

Rouen cathedral

Rouen cathedral

Front of the Rouen cathedral

Inside the Rouen cathedral

Inside the Rouen cathedral

Stained-glass window inside the Rouen cathedral

Candles inside the Rouen cathedral

FLowers shop, Rouen

The Great-Clock of Rouen

Under the Great-Clock of Rouen


Court of Justice, Rouen

French grocery store

A bientôt !


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