Main street of Gerberoy

Mini-trip to Normandy (I) : Gerberoy

Hi everyone! You may have seen on Instagram that we recently spent the weekend in Normandy for a short break. It was a delightful trip even if the weather was pretty cold for the season. But the sun was shining and it was so good to be on the road again! Our first stop was in a beautiful village called Gerberoy, which wasn’t technically in Normandy, but in Picardy. It was actually in our way to Rouen where we had to spend the night (but that will be our step 2 in this trip).

I had read that it was one of the “prettiest villages in France” and that it was really worth a visit. I can say we weren’t disappointed. It was indeed one of the more whimsical and charming French villages I had ever seen. I really encourage you to plan a trip there if you’re coming to France! It’s just one and a half hour away from Paris by car and the area is full of great things to see.

I found back an article from “French Country Style” magazine that featured the village. I share it with you as an “amuse-bouche” (appetizer) if you’re interested (just click on the cover to get the full article).

French Country Style magazine

The village is also known for the numerous movies that were shot there, like for example “Un amour de sorcière” with Vanessa Paradis or “Madame Bovary” with Isabelle Huppert.

I haven’t seen these movies but after having visited the village I thought it might be fun to look at the scenes that were shot in there. It was indeed the perfect place to shoot an historical movie like “Madame Bovary”.

Here are a few pics of our tour in the village. I hope you’ll enjoy these little postcards from Gerberoy! See you soon for the second step of our trip: Rouen!

Blue window in Gerberoy

Blue cornflowers

Houses in Gerberoy street

Gerberoy street, flowers

Blue green window in Gerberoy

Gerberoy main street

Gerberoy main street

Gerberoy main street

Gerberoy main street

Climbing rose in Gerberoy

garden door in Gerberoy


French white front door with wisteria

yellow and blue house in Gerberoy

Main street of Gerberoy

yellow and blue house in Gerberoy

Courtyard red door in Gerberoy

FLowers carved in the stone, Gerberoy

red tulips, Gerberoy

whimsical house in Gerberoy

Heart-shaped lock, Gerberoy

View on the countryside, Gerberoy

View on the countryside, Gerberoy

Sheep in the grass, Gerberoy

Gerberoy Church

View on the roofs of Gerberoy

Gerberoy street

Pink tulips in Gerberoy

Small street, Gerberoy

Fairytale house in Gerberoy

House, Gerberoy

Chestnut tree in Gerberoy

Garden fence, Gerberoy

Blue front door, Gerberoy

Clematis, Gerberoy

red window, Gerberoy

Red climbing roses, Gerberoy

View on the countryside, Gerberoy

A bientôt pour la suite de notre voyage ! 



    1. Hi Clair, can you tell me exact when did you visit Gerberoy? I will visit there in 1st or 2nd week in May, and wonder if I could see any flower there.

      1. Thank you for passing by and for your comment! We went to Gerberoy in May 2016 so you’ll probably see the same flowers than those on the pictures!
        I wish you a great trip there, it’s a beautiful town and a area as well!

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