preserved roses project

Fresh or faux flowers: don’t choose with this easy project!

Like everyone else I love fresh flowers in our home. I find they give such an elegant and fresh look to any room. Have you already noticed how they are systematically used in every luxury shop or in decor magazines?

But it can be expensive to buy fresh flowers every week, especially if you don’t have a garden or if it’s winter and that there is not a lot of flowers to pick outside.

That’s why a lot of us are using faux-flowers. But I had to find another solution because my husband can’t stand faux-flowers. Don’t ask me why. It’s just like that ūüôā So I was searching for another solution… and I found it! It’s called ‘preserved flowers’. I was totally amazed when I discovered this process. They use genuine fresh flowers and immmerge them into a special liquid to preserve them for years. You could never say that they were treated like that. The look and the touch is absolutely equal to¬†the original. But you don’t have the scent. Right. I knew I could deal with it! So I jumped and bought online some preserved white roses to create a simple bouquet for our bedroom¬†(Note:¬†I was inspired by how¬†elegant these simple Ralph Lauren flower arrangements looked like when we went to the Ralph’s).

Here we go!

How can I order preserved flowers?

I bought mine online on a Belgian website called Bloemschikmateriaal. I don’t know if they ship worldwide but I assume it wouldn’t be a problem as¬†I’ve discovered a lot of online flower shops that offered these preserved flowers. Speaking about the flowers. There are not only roses available. You can also choose others flowers and foliage that were preserved this way. But the choice is still pretty limited (I guess they are still making tests fto expand the range). I ordered 8 preserved white roses and the cost was 28 ‚ā¨ (around 30 $). A nice price knowing that I was spending 5 or 6 ‚ā¨ each week for a fresh roses bouquet.

I was a little concerned about the condition of the flowers after the shipping. But they were in a perfect condition thanks to their clever box with indivual cups for each flower.

Before you start

  • Because preserved flowers have very small stems, I used needles to make them longer. It was an easy option for me but you may have a better idea! I didn’t have it on hand but I think long pieces of thin wire would work best. You just have to put into into the stem and then roll it to have a longer “wire stem”. Just be very carefull while doing it because preserded flowers are at least as fragile as the fresh. You don’t want to damage them.


  • Due to these very short stems, a glass vase won’t be the best option here. You have to pick an opaque one and put “Oasis” inside. I chose a Silver¬†ice bucket for this project and it worked perfectly well.

Let’s get started!

– 1 beautiful opaque vase
– 1 “OASIS” ball, cut in half
– Preserved flowers
– Needles

  1. You need to cut your Oasis ball so it fits the size of your vase. Be carefull and don’t take off too much of the oasis so it will be large enough to hold itself at the right height in the vase.

Preserved roses oasis project

Silver ice bucket oasis flower project

2. Very caustiously put each rose in the oasis. It seemed easier to me to begin with the centre of the ball.

preserved rose project

3. I had to make¬†several attempt to have the result I was searching for. Too close, it appeared I didn’t have enough¬†flowers to cover the ball. Too much space between the roses and you’ll see the oasis (which is ¬†obviously NOT the goal here). But finally and with a lot of caution I get it!

preserved roses project

preserved roses project

Then I just put it on my bedside table and I was so happy with the resut! It really seems that I have a fresh roses arrangement in our bedroom but I can let it there for at least 3 or 4 years! (can you believe it?) I’m very glad with the result and ready to try it somewhere else in our house.

preserved roses project

I hope you enjoyed this little project!



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