How to look good in photos?

The sunny days bring back all these formal celebrations where there will probably be a photographer: wedding, communions, parties of all kind. Or maybe are you thinking about a personal photo shoot with your partner or children? It is sometimes kind of weird to be taken in picture and this is not something that feels very natural for some of us. But it also a great occasion to have beautiful pics of ourselves during precious moments and cherished memories! And it’s always nice to look good in photos.:-)  So if you want to look amazing and love your future photographs, just follow these simple tips!

Know the poses that flatter you

Take a look at the pictures of yourself that you love: what is your posture? how do you face the camera? What colour do you wear? It’s a great way to develop a few easy ‘poses’ that you can quickly adopt when the photographer shows up. Does is sound unnatural for you? Well, it depends on the pose. If it helps you to feel more comfortable in front of it, it will not seems artificial. So give it a try!


Study the pros

Again, observation is key. Take a little time to observe the photos of the models in the magazines that you find flattering and try to reproduce them. Great way to try new ideas!

I also recently watched this great video from Dominique Sachse that was very instructive and gives you a lot of tips to look your best! (love her Youtube channel, by the way. This woman is so confident!)

A little training doesn’t hurt

I know this can sound a little too much. But it can be very helpful if you know you’re going to do a major photo shoot, the kind of photo shoot you’ll keep for a lifetime like for an engagement, a wedding, a family celebration, or if you plan a personal shooting with your husband or family in a studio. Trying a few poses in front of a mirror is a good way to feel more natural on the D Day, because you’ll know which postures will be flattering for you.

Train your confidence too!

It’s common to say “cheese” to look happy and natural when a photo is taken. But without the inner sparkle, your smile could look empty or fake. We all know these kind of pics when it seems only our mouth is smiling and the rest of our face stays static. Ugh. Not exactly the effect we are searching for. There is a great trick that works everytime: at the exact same time that you would say “cheese” (so just one second before the photo is taken) think into yourself: “I’m gorgeous!” or “I look amazing!”. This will instantly give you the good posture and an air of radiant confidence. And I can assure you you won’t look pretentious. Just fabulous 🙂 So give a try and tell me if it worked for you!


    1. Thanks for the tips! I think there’s a lot of practice involved in looking good in photos. What works for others does not necessarily work for you. I’ve also found out that what looks good in the mirror does not look the same on camera. So as they say, practice makes perfect!

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