Preserve gift kit basket Mothers Day

Preserve gift kit for Mothers Day

Mothers Day is around the corner and I just finished my gift! I was searching for something that might please her and then I had the idea to create a Preserve gift kit. She’s a wonderful cook and spoils us every year with delightful jams and marmalades. Her redcurrant and rasberry jelly is an ultimate favourite and we devour every jar she gives us. My sister and I even planted redcurrant bushes in our yard to harvest them for her.

So I thought she might be pleased to get a brand new jam and preserve kit. What did I put in it?

Well first I chose a basket large enough for all the things I had to put in it. There were the jam jars, a kitchen apron with matching towels, labels and a jamcloth. I was also searching for fabric to cover the lids of the jars but unfortunately I was unable to find it in the timing. Anyway you can definitely add them if you want to, with little ribbons or coloured rubber bands to complete the kit.

Preserve gift kit basket

Preserve gift kit basket

Preserve towel

Preserve red and white towel

Preserve gift kit basket labels


Then I covered it with plastic gift paper. I keep a ribbon box where I put all these little ribbons I find with gifts I receive, packaging from the shops, old clothes… It allows me to keep a little collection very useful to custom my gift packagings. So I found a beautiful red ribbon that I added at the top with a sweet note.

Ribbons box

Preserve gift kit basket

Preserve gift kit basket

And voilà! I hope she’ll be pleased… and that she’s going to use it for our pleasure and delight 😉

Preserve gift kit basket

What about you? Have you found a Mothers Day gift yet? If not, here is another fabulous idea: Lies and Other Acts of Love, the brand new novel from the very talented Author and Blogger Kristy Woodsen Harvey (My Design Chic). I have read numerous great reviews on Amazon and around the web and can’t wait to receive my own copy! It’s a beautiful family story that would be the perfect Mothers Day gift!

 Lies And Other Acts of Love Cover



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