My strategies for the Morning if you’re not a Morning Person

Maybe you are a Morning Person. You naturally wake up as the sun begin to rise. You love to go outside for a run at 6 AM. You’re better at work early in the Morning.

Lucky you. All my life I’ve been struggling with my alarm clock. Its unnerving noise has been a nightmare for years that make me feel like an anvil is falling on my head. No kidding. It’s awful (Am I dramatic enough here?). If you’re in the same situation as I am, you might be interested by the several strategies I’ve set up over the years to make my awakening easier. Hoping it might help you too to finally appreciate this beautiful moment of the day and turn it into a serene and luxurious experience!

1. Light

So important. And so underestimated. Things have changed lately with the introduction of these new dawn simulator alarm clocks. You probably know how it works: the light of the simulator begins to shine gently and then more and more until it lightens the room fully. This system is very effective as it prepares your body to wake up. For me it has been a life-changer! So give it a try if you have some difficulties to get out of bed. It really works. Of course the natural light of the sun is still better if you can enjoy it.


2. Music

Again, do yourself a favour and banish your old noisy alarm clock. It’s agressive and unpleasant. Most mobile phones, modern alarm clocks and dawn simulator offer a range of soft musics and sounds of nature to help your body to wake up gently.


3. Heat

I’ve discovered that something I really hated about morning was feeling cold. Getting out of bed in a cold bedroom. Having to put on my clothes in a cold bathroom. Yikes! So I’ve decided to keep the heat. My robe is just next of my bed and I put it immediately when I wake up. I’ve a small blow heater in the bathroom for the few minutes when I dress up. Small details, big difference!

4. Luxurious Breakfast

French people usually enjoy a beautiful breakfast every morning. Fresh baguette or bread, jam, orange juice, coffee, tea, yoghurt, fruit… everything is possible! And don’t keep it for the Sunday brunch. In our own house we usually eat sunny side up eggs every morning with bread, coffee, orange juice… I also generally keep some pancakes or waffels in the freezer for a change. It’s a special moment of the day that we really enjoy. A little old-fashioned jazz on the background… and I can almost feel that I’m taking my breakfast at the Ritz. 🙂


5. Organization

Organization is a big time-saver and it will keep your nerves cool during morning time. You can prepare as much as you want each evening to make your morning routine easier: setting the table, prepping ahead your outfit for the next day or your lunch…

6. Take your time

It’s closely linked to the previous one: take your time. You won’t be able to enjoy the most delicious breakfast if you run like crazy. You probably won’t even take any breakfast at all. So, to allow yourself to savour your morning, go to bed early enough (I know) and put your alarm clock early enough (I really really know) so you don’t have to run as soon as you put your feet out of your bed. It can be difficult at first but it makes such a difference!

7. Pleasure

If you want to find more pleasure in your morning, you first have to put more pleasure in it by yourself. It can sounds obvious but how many pleasant things do you usually plan during your morning time? Probably not enough. So plan some time, even a few minuts, for something you really like: reading the newspaper or a few pages of your book in bed, practicing yoga or meditation…. only you can find out!

Two young women meditating with hands joined

So I wish you delightful and luxurious mornings every day!


    1. I am a night owl so I definitely relate to you, Love all of your tips…going to try starting tomorrow! Happy Sunday!

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