How to raise your child like a Royal?

We all want to give our little ones ​the best education possible to provide them ​the best chances in life. In this way they are all our little Princes and Princess! But how does it look like to raise a Royal child? What kind of education do they receive? And is it a good source of inspiration for raising your own children? I believe it does as their life become extraordinary challenging since a very young age. Their education needs to developp these qualities that we all want for our child: confidence, sociability, courtesy, resilience, discipline… 

You may have heard that little Prince George recently went to school for the first time? And it was an ordinary-unordinary school. ​O​rdinary​, because Kate and ​William wanted him to go to a regular school with others children instead of the traditional Royal homeschooling. But this school has however a little something special​. it’s a Montessori School.


What is the Montessori pedagogy?

Maria Montessori was an Italian physician from the mid-century who developped a different schooling system based on different core principles of freedom and discovery. She developped the idea that children should be encouraged to discover by themselves the world around them.

maria montessori

William and Harry went themselves to a Montessori school as well as the Google founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page.
This pedagogy works for children of every age but it is particularly helpful for toddlers and preschoolers.

Why will Montessori help your child to be the King of the Queen of his own life?

Positive structure

Montessori is based on the core principle that we should allow our children enough freedom to let them explore the world as they need to. So you won’t be nagging at them all the time : no, don’t touch this, or no, don’t jump there, and the list goes on and on. With a Montessori approach, your create a safe environment where you encourage the discovering mind of your baby. This create a positive state of mind about learning and gives the children self-confidence.

Self confidence

The Montessori pedagogy is a also fantastic way to help your child to believe in himself because you as a parent, will applause and encourage his pleasures and victories and not those you expect from him. For example: you won’t applause your child because he did what you asked him but you will when you see him particularly happy of something he wants to celebrate, that brings him joy and happiness. This way, you won’t learn your child that he needs to please you or everyone but that you support him and believe in him for what he or she likes. Huge difference. Huge confidence.


Montessori helps you to raise your child to become more independant. The 15 months little one begin to learn how to dress himself, to mop the table with a little sponge, to play with a little broom. You help him with tools and furniture that are adapted to his size : a little table, a little chair. Your children will love it! And he learns very soon that he is capable to do what seems difficult at first. That he can succeed with practice. Some qualities that will definitely help him as he will grow up.


Montessori is based on freedom but it doesn’t mean that there are no rules. The principle here is that the child can do what he desires to do as long as it respects the others and his environment. So yes, he can play with what he wants but he can’t fight with others or being rude with them. It’s a respect-based education that gives a central place to courtesy.


As they play together, learn together, children learn to live together and to ‘work’ in cooperation. A very important quality indeed!



Montessori believes that you can help your child’s sensibility to art and culture since a very young age. It encourages you to buy them good quality wooden toys, to put art print on the walls, to make them discover different kind of music. Great ways to enlarge their tastes, their culture and curiosity.

Personal note

I’ve been very interested myself by the Montessori pedagogy since our little boy is born and I must say it gives me a totally new approach to education. I try to learn more on this pedagogy to  incorporate it into our daily life.

Do you want to learn more about Montessori? I recommend you the book Montessori from the Start: The Child at Home, from Birth to Age Three that was very interesting. I also loved the videos of Montessori for Everybody TV, very inspiring! I’m also creating a Montessori space for our son, so I intend to share it with you as soon as it will be finished.


What do you think about Montessori? Do you practice it yourself? Do you have some interesting sources on the topic? I’d love to hear it from you!


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