The Jewels that tell the World you’re a Preppy Person

Preppy warning : The more you’ll wear the following items below, the more chances you have to be spotted as a true Prep. Don’t tell I didn’t warn you!

Pearls (necklace and earrings)

As they say: Pearls are always appropriate. Even if it isvery early in the morning and that you’re wearing a gown while eating pastries in front of Tiffany’s.

PEARLs necklace


Hermes Chaîne d’Ancre bracelet

I’ve fallen in love with this beautiful classical bracelet. It gives a touch of elegance to the most simple outfit. Wear it with a simple pair of jeans and a white shirt and it will completely set the tone.

Hermes Chaine d'ancre anchor bracelet

Daniel Wellington watch

The perfect fit with their gorgeous bracelet options that you can change as you wish.


Monogrammed necklace

In my opinion, a very cute jewel otion for the teenage girl.


KJP bracelet

WIth an beautiful choice of models and colours, how can you resist to the beautiful bracelets created by Kiel James Patrick, probably one of the preppiest brand on earth? (I can’t tell about the Moon).

Ack-Latitude KJP Kiel James Patrick bracelet

Tank Cartier watch

One of the chic-est and most iconic watch. A pricey one but you’ll wear it with great pleasure for a lifetime.

cartier tank watch

Antique jewels

Family antique jewels add this touch of authenticity that no other jewel can replace. It is a part of the heirloom of the women of your family. Of course it is priceless! But if there is a tiara, please, be carefull. There might be some jealous. 🙂




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