La Dolce Vita and the Italian Riviera

It’s done! We just booked a few days ago our summer vacation! And the destination is… Italy! We rented a lovely small house on the Italian Riviera, in this incredible area between Gena and La Spezia. It’s a great place to discover Portofino, the Cinque Terre, Gena and all the beautiful things there are to see. Among the cold and grey days of winter, I’m already dreaming about our future trip. I purchased a travel guide and note all the different places and address I plan to discover. Great way to travel from your sofa! I even think about taking a few Italian language courses before we go. Italy is such a great destination with a true personnality and a lifestyle of its own. The landscapes, the weather, the food, the style… Italians really know what Dolce Vita means! So if your day lacks a little sun, or blue, or pasta, just enjoy these Dolce Vita pics while listening to this iconic vintage Italian song, and, why not, plan a future trip too!

  1. 1958 HITS ARCHIVE- Volare (Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu) - Domenico Modugno (a #1 record) 3:32

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