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Winter pleasures

Get your countdown! There are just 30 days left until it’s officially Spring! I can’t wait to see the days becoming longer, the colours of the first flowers, the delicate and fresh greens of a new beginning in the garden… but… Wait a minut. This is still Winter, right? Sooo… I decided to enjoy as much as possible all these special treats that Winter has for us. My goal is to do as much things as possible of this list before Spring! Fun way for me to the patient until the sunnier days and to savor what every season has to offer!

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Winter pleasures list

For us it would undoubtly be :

  • Eating a tartiflette. or a raclette. This kind of cheezy comfort food that you can eat only when it’s really cold outside 🙂
  • Taking a walk outside when everything is beautifully frozen.
  • Winter clothes. These boots that make your legs look incredible.
  • Anything with cinnamon.
  • Looking at our pony that looks like a true teddy bear with her crazy fur.
  • Helleborus. The first snowdrops.
  • Candles everywhere in the house.
  • Cooking a batch of gingerbread cookies and decorating them.
  • Being able to see every little bird passing by. Especially around the bird feeder.Especially this oh-so-cute robin.
  • Ice skating. Skying. Sledging.
  • Sitting by the fireplace to read a great book while sipping a hot chocolate.
  • Hot chocolate anyway.
  • Warm and cozy plaids around the house.
  • A beautiful Snowman. With the eyes, the carrot nose and all the accessories.
  • Citrus
  • Watching a Winter-y movie or serie.

And for you? What are your favourites Winter pleasures? Thank you already for all your ideas!

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