Valentine's Day Mediterranean table setting tablescape Decor Italian Rustic Red

A Romantic Valentine’s Day Dinner for 2

Hi everyone! Is everybody prepping ahead a Valentine’s Day party? You may (or may not) know that in Europe, Valentine’s Day is usually only for couples. There are no cards or favors between the children or with other people, it is only something people do when they are in a relationship. A lot of people are not into the ‘Valentine’s day thing’ because they think it’s way too commercial. Well, I agree with that and it is probably the case with most of celebrations these days. But I love to have a special day during the year to celebrate LOVE and to spend a romantic evening just the two of us. With a baby, it is much more appreciated!

So I really wanted this year to spend a very nice moment together and to focus on US and not on the cooking or so. I didn’t want to spend all my evening in the kitchen to realize some kind of Grand 5 courses meal. I wanted something simple and I had to stay reasonable (you see what I mean 😉

So let’s begin! First, the table setting…

I wanted to keep the traditional Valentine’s Red, of course, and to create a kind of rustic Italian feeling. Italy is such a romantic place where we have so many great memories (a part of our honeymoon, amongst others) and fun projects (but shh… that’s another post coming soon!) So I thought it was nice to have this Mediterranean feeling for our romantic dinner together. I put our small round garden table in the corner of the bow-window to create an intimate athmosphere. I love the effect of a round table. It makes me feel that we are on the terrace of a restaurant on a Piazza in Italy. Ahhh… (OK, I stop bothering you with Italy. For today at least).

Valentine's Day Mediterranean table setting tablescape Decor Italian Rustic Red

The table setting was very simple. I tied the grey napkins with a red ribbon and a sprig of rosemary.

Valentine's Day Mediterranean table setting tablescape Decor Italian Rustic Red

No flower on the table but some tomatoes and fresh basil to set the tone.

On this pic you can see that we still have some huge work to do in our house. Yes, the bow-window is still a work in progress and I also intend to post about it in the next weeks to show you more from the house and to share our projects about it.

Valentine's Day Mediterranean table setting tablescape Decor Italian Rustic Red

And what’s for dinner? Well, there will be some Italian appetizers : olives, parmiggiano, grissini and parma.

Then, as a first course, a Caprese Salad with a twist! It the classical tomatoes, basil and mozzarella… with strawberries! Have you tried it yet ? If not, I higly recommend you to give it a try. It’s deliciously surprizing! Add some roasted pine nuts, a little bit of balsamic vinegar and olive oil… and you’re done! Oh my! That was harsh work! 😉

Valentine's Day caprese salad tomato mozzarella strawberries pine nuts basil elegant quick simple first course

Then I’ll serve some Veal ‘alla Milanese’ but I don’t have any photo yet because… well, I couldn’t do it in advance! It’s one of the favourite recipe of my husband and I hope he will enjoy it!

Finally as a dessert I made an heart-shaped Hazelnut Coffee cake with strawberries and probably some whipped cream that I’ll add at the last minut.

Valentine's Day heart-shaped hazelnut coffee cake strawberries

So here we are! I just have to finish some housework now and then getting prepared myself… I’m going to wear a… red dress, of course!

And what about you? How does your Valentine’s Day look like? I’d be glad to hear !

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