Peter Rabbit birthday party desserts buffet

Peter Rabbit Birthday Party

A few weeks ago, it was the first birthday of our little boy William. I had heard that the theme chosen by William and Kate for the first birthday of Prince George was a Peter Rabbit party and I found it was such a cute theme for a baby boy. So here we go for a Peter Rabbit Birthday Party!

The decor was based on the idea of a vegetable garden. There were all kinds of vegetables like carrots, cabbage, parsnips, radish, leeks…

Everything was homemade besides the paper decors that I bought online. Don’t hesitate to ask if you are interested in a particular recipe! I’ll be glad to share it with you.

The cake was a carrot cake with a cream cheese-butter cream filling. The decors were made with fondant and marzipan.

Peter Rabbit fondant cake first birthday party

There was a cake, of course, but also sweet and salted dishes. I made scones served with clotted cream and strawberry jam. I also made some Choux à la crème and cookies.

There were also baby veggies with two dips (cocktail and herbed ricotta) and some sandwiches as in a traditional English afternoon tea. The white little sandwiches were garnished with scrambled eggs and the brown bread was garnished with cream cheese, smoked salmon, radish and dill.

The chocolate mousses were covered with ground oreo cookies that mimic the soil. I put some fresh mint and a wooden spoon with the word “Mint” hand-written on it. It looked like genuine mini plants.

Peter Rabbit birthday party cookies

Peter Rabbit birthday party desserts buffet

One last fun fact: we asked our guest to be dressed in blue. I was no exception. It was a great idea to have beautiful pics in assorted colours for that day!
It was a nice party to celebrate together the first birthday of ou little one! Hope you’ll love it too!


      1. Hi Kelly! Thank you so much for passing by and for your nice comment! It is very sweet of you and it means a lot to me as you really are one of my favourite blogger! 🙂 I wish you a very great day! Claire

    1. Hi Claire:
      Love your ideas and what a sweet first birthday party for your little William! I love anything about the royals, so I think it is so cool that you used some ideas from little George’s first birthday. You did an amazing job with all the food and decorations. Wow! Great post!

      1. Hi Debbie! Thank you very much for your kind words and for visiting my blog! I must admit that I had a lot of fun while prepping this party ahead. Such a precious memory for us! Thank you again for your compliments!

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