Detox thought #3: favourite healthy food blogs

If you have read my previous posts, January is every year our ‘Detox time’. I’m trying to get back to a more healthy routine after all the excess of the holidays and it feels good to eat some delicious recipes with fresh healthy products. I wanted to share with you some of my favourites healthy foods blogs and websites, just in case you’re searching some new healthy recipes that won’t make you regret your usual comfort foods!

My ultimate favourites

Naturally Ella

Gosh, that girl is talented! Every pic on her blog is as beautiful as those you find in these ridiculously expensive cookbooks you always want to buy just to look at the pictures (I’m not the only one, am I?). And the recipes are ALWAYS delicious. Never been disappointed. Her Red Lentils Masala became a favourite here. Really one of my ultimate favourite food blog!

naturally ella blog healthy food

Oh she glows

Angela is truly a glowing beautiful young blogger that will convince you to go vegan with her delicious recipes. I love that she’s very creative with everything vegan so you can find a lot of alternatives to your ‘bad eating’. Check her Luxurious Dairy-Free Hot Cocoa and you’ll get it! (I also love her blog because our babies are almost the same age – I know this sounds idiot :-).

oh she glows vegan recipes healthy food blog

My New Roots

Annother beautiful wholde food blog… yes, but not only! Sarah is a Holistic Nutritionist and Certified Nutritional Practitioner so her blog is really based on a very accurate knowledge of what is really good for your body. You must definitily discover her blog! And try these delicious Comfy sweet potatoes (tried and proven!).

my new roots blog healthy food vegan recipes

Others great blogs and websites

Besides the previous favourites I also recommend the following blogs which are both beautiful and full of great recipes :

Hope these links will inspire you in your search for delicious healthy recipes!



      1. Just the same for us! We finished our Detox but I try to keep some of the healthy habits. I like to believe that like that I can improve our eating habits a little bit more each year with our January Detox. Sure a yearly reminder is not useless 😉

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