New Year cards

New Year Cards: done!

It’s done! I finally finished AND sent our New Year Cards a few days ago! Don’t you agree that it is a lovely tradition? It is such a pleasure to find in your mailbox every January these delightful cards from friends and family. We don’t often send actual mails these days so it is really nice to perpetuate this tradition. And it’s also the best way to be sure you’ll receive some cards too! 😉

To who send Holiday cards?

To your loved ones, family, friends and colleagues. It is also a great way to keep in touch with those you don’t see very often, living in a foreign country or that you met during a particular trip.

When can you send New Year cards?

In Europe it is customary to send your cards from the beginning of Christmas Holiday until the end of January.

What to write?

There is no need to be too long or expansive but a thoughtful personal message is always welcome.

Which cards?

There are so much beautiful cards out there (I found beautiful inspiration on Minted) but you might prefer to create unique cards of your own. I personaly enjoyed creating our card by myself with the free software Inkscape.

What about you? Do you send Holiday cards too? Just let me know in a comment below!

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