Etretat France hiver

French Seaside in the winter

You may have seen on Instagram that we spent the last weekend on the seaside. It is such a pleasure to enjoy these peaceful landscapes with all their beautiful colours. Even if we often think that ocean is for Summer and that Winter is enjoyed skying in the mountains, the true ocean lovers (of which I am one) just can’t wait for the sunny days to come back. A beautiful beach doesn’t always need Sun and Palm trees. A misty and mysterious athmosphere, amazing greys, blue and green, the sounds of the wind and of the waves crushing on the beach… with no one around besides yourself and a few seagulls in the sky. So wild and so quiet in the meantime!

Here are a few pictures of some of our trips on the French seaside these past few years (Brittany, Opale Coast, Mont-Saint-Michel, Normandy).  Hope you will enjoy it!


      1. Thank you again for your nice comment. It is very sweet of you 🙂 I have been quite calm on Instagram lately but I’ll try to share more. I just became a follower of your own Instagram too! 🙂

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