Detox thought #1 : Allowing ourselves to slow down

It is officially winter now and with everything there was to do at the end of the year at work and at home, it seems a lot of us feel exhausted and overwhelmed. Trying to keep up with all our “must”, “should” and “want”. This can sometimes feels like a rat race that never ends up and we sometimes feel we don’t have enough time to enjoy our life. Don’t you agree that chic living is all about savoring life and enjoying the present moment?

We live in a society where we often live disconnected from nature, trying to live at the same rythm all year long. Are we tired, sick, old, pregnant, having our period, is it winter or summer, day or night, it seems we often want to live at the same tempo : fast and full.  But what does Mother Nature do in the winter? She is resting. Everything is quiet. The birds and all the animals are still. Trees have lost their foliage. Everything is slowing down to recharge before Spring.

In the old times, Men were wise enough to do the same. As nature was slowing down, they were forced to stay at home. They followed the natural rythm of the day : waking up later and at bed early. The days were more quiet and dedicated to small housework, restoring the houses, the clothes…

For sure we would all love to wake up later but that our kids need to go to school, the dog needs his walk and our boss is waiting for us, all of this before sunrise. But besides our true obligations, are we not sometimes a little too optimistic about our time and energy? Shouldn’t we allow ourselves to slow down a little bit to really enjoy the present moment and take the time to ‘restore’ ourselves?

I really feel right now the desire to slow down even by mundane actions like : riding my car more slowly, taking the time to look at nature, being still with no music or tv in background, savoring what I eat, enjoying free time with nothing on my calendar, taking the time to play with my little boy, reading a book in my sofa…

In a world of more, faster and stronger, I think we should allow ourselves to slow down. Maybe that less, slower and softer are the most fulfilling choice after all 🙂

Happy winter!

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