January: it’s Detox Time!

Hi everyone! How was New Year’s Eve? I wish you all a fantastic 2016!

Speaking of the New Year…. We all know that is the perfect time for a fresh start. Every january since a few years, I start a Detox. After all the excess of the holidays I feel my body need to come back to a more healthy routine. The season also plays a role, I believe. As it is winter right now, we need to calm down (I’m going to write a post on this particular topic in a few days).

Our vet was here a few days ago and she told me it was normal if our poney was losing a little extra weight during the cold season. She told me I should’nt try to feed her too much because winter is a special time when the organism need to eat less to detox. This made me think about the fact that we don’t really follow this natural rythm anymore. In the industrialized countries, you can find any food you want at anytime of the year. This doesn’t help us to follow the rythm of Mother Nature.

I think this is one of the reason why Detox have so much success these days. And I must say that I love it too. I really felt the benefits of it every year. And it often extends to the other areas of your life than just food: a good sleep, less stress, mindful sport like yoga, tai chi… Let’s call it a Fresh Start!

yoga detox

I would just say that the very first time I did it I followed a very strict detox regimen. As I had never done any diet before, what I discovered may seem quite obvious to those of you who already did. The fact is that I felt really good during the Detox but as I came back to my “normal life” it seemed my body felt a kind of “boomerang effect”. I came to the conclusion that a too brutal change in your habits is not such a good thing, even if it is for an healthier change. I’m much more into a “soft Detox” this year: almost no sugar, less coffee, more fuit and vegetables, less meat, more rest, more yoga and meditation… I’m already excited to begin and already looking for the recipes. I usually find inspiration in this old Detox program from Whole Living which was terrific (but which is sadly not updated anymore) but you can find a lot of great Detox programs online. I even suscribed for yoga class online because it is difficult for us to do sport outside because of our baby.

So I’m probably going to write a little about this Detox in the next days! Don’t you believe than to live a chic life you first have to be healthy and serene ? It is anyway my first ‘good resolution’ for 2016.

And if you haven’t tried a Detox yet, go for it! It is a really good way to restore ourselves and feel full of energy to begin the New Year!


    1. Hi Claire! Happy New Year! Just popped over to visit your pretty blog (and it IS so pretty!) I have never tried a detox, but it does sound like a good idea. Although I would have to do the “soft detox” because the other would certainly be a harsh change from all we eat here (she says as sipping on her 3rd cup of decaf coffee here!) My goal is to go more fresh – less processed for the year. Fruits are going to be my new snack when I get to the store. Baby steps here!
      Have a blessed new year!

      1. Hi Kelly! Thank you SO MUCH for passing by and for your kind words! I tried to reply on your blog but I didn’t succeed to add a comment to your Thanksgiving post. Anyway I really wanted to thank you for your comments. It really made my day!
        And about Detox… I couldn’t agree more for the baby steps! (don’t tell me about coffee 🙂
        I wish you too a beautiful blessed 2016!

      1. Hi Mary Ann! Thank you for your comment! Yes, Healthy is (almost) the new Comfort! No wine, no coffee… hum, did I already mentioned that I was in a soft detox? 😉 OK it was just one or two exceptions but I reallly try to be reasonable! I wish you an amazing New Year and a serene Detox!

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