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As I mentionned in a previous post, we spent a few years ago Christmas in a beautiful German town called Rothenburg op den Tauber. I already shared a few pictures of our trip in this post but I also wanted to share with you 2 particular address we loved in Rothenburg.

There are a lot of things to do in Rothenburg especially at Christmas time: walking in the whimsical streets, visiting the Christmas market at night, take a walk on the beautiful medieval paths around the town, a Christmas museum… But I wanted to share to particular address that we really loved during our stay: the hotel Eisenhut, and the Christmas decoration shop Käthe Wohlfahrt.

The Eisenhut Hotel

The Eisenhut hotel is perfectly located just in the pedestrian centre of Rothenburg. It is a charming 4 star hotel with a traditional German athmosphere and decor.

Eisenhut hotel Rothenburg op den Tauber


We took a package including breakfasts and meals. The meals served at the typical Franconian restaurant of the hotel were very good and we really LOVED the breakfast buffet: eggs, homemade jams, fresh waffles, smoked fish, champagne, pastries, fresh juices (remember my previous post about fresh juice! :-)… It was one of the best breakfasts ever! Sadly we don’t have any picture of it. I just found the picture below that will show you the room where breakfast is served:


During our stay, people from the staff almost didn’t speak English at all, only German. But it maybe changed since. Besides this little inconvenient, we really recommend this place for a romantic and comfortable stay in Rothenburg.



Käthe Wohlfahrt

Your inner child will be so pleased to discover this incredible Christmas shop. It looks like a real fairy-tale. In front of the shop, there is all year long an old red car full of gifts. So you are already in the mood even before youput your first step in the shop.


You have the impression to walk in a tiny Christmas village. Sobriety is not the word I would use first to describe the decor of the shop, but isn’t it what you expect a Christmas shop to look like?


You will find everything you need for an authentic old-fashioned Christmas, Christmas ornaments, German pyramides, wooden toys and decoration…


It is a magical place that your children will love! If you are in Rothenburg, you really have to take a look.

I already told myself that we should definitely go back to Rothenburg for Christmas whan our son will be a little bit older. It is a beautiful town perfect for a Christmas vacation!

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