The preppy must-haves for Christmas holiday

Just a few things can make the difference! Do you have these preppy must-haves for Christmas? Christmas holiday wouldn’t be Christmas holiday without them! To enjoy fully this special time of the year, make sure you have the following items:

A preppy Christmas mug

Where would you put your hot chocolate?

christmas preppy mug

This lovely one is from HarvestPaperCo.

Hunter boots

Don’t forget your furry socks. It’s cold out there.Hunter Boots smallClassy girls wear pearls

A tartan plaid

The  best way to put yourself and your living room in a Christmas mood.




Christmas songs

I’ve got you covered for this one. Just see here my Christmas chic playlist!

A jacquard pullover

It works perfectly with your jacquard pants, scarf and socks.


An open fire

Just sit in front of it with all the previously mentionned accessories and… enjoy! (OK… leave the boots in the mudroom).

Merry Christmas!

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