Sissinghurst spring flowery meadow daffodils

Beautiful Spring flowery meadows

At this time of the year, the gardener steps back from the garden as the weather gets colder. But the impatient gardener who can’t wait for his mixed-borders to bloom again can find an easy way to cure his frustration. In front of his open fire, you will find him reading gardening catalogs and dreaming about his next year garden. And it is the perfect time of the year to do so! As you may now, november is perfect for planting trees, rosebush and spring bulbs.

As you may have guessed, I plead guilty! We have created our front garden one and a half years ago and we try to go further as much as possible. Those of you who recently built an house know that it is not always on the priority list and that creating a beautiful garden takes time. Anyway, the backyard is still a meadow right now (we live in the countryside) and I’d love to create a spring flowery meadow as you can find in all these beautiful English gardens. I’m just about to order my bulbs online so there are a few pics of the result I’d like to create. Hoping this could inspire you too! Let’s see the result next spring!

Sissinghurst spring garden flowery meadow daffodils

Scotney Castle garden flowery meadow spring

spring bulbs white daffodils

Spring flowery meadow fritillaria bulbs

Spring flower meadow fritillaria daffodils bulbs

Sissinghurst spring garden flowery meadow bulbs

Sissinghurst spring garden flowery meadow

Sissinghurst garden flowery meadow

Paris Polyphylla Flower Sissinghurst garden

Hidcote manor garden flowery spring bulbs

Hidcote spring garden countryside wooden gate

Hidcote spring garden bulbs daffodils tulips

Pettyfers garden


PS: All the pics are mine except the last one which is a pic of the beautiful Pettifers Garden that I’d love to visit one day. The others are from the Hidcote, Sissinghurst and Scotney Castle gardens. I intend to post about my gardens visits from time to time so I promise a dedicated post for each one of these famous gardens.


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