5 tips to improve Christmas gifts organizing

Don’t you think that Christmas gifts organizing can be a true challenge? Trying to give amazing gifts without breaking the bank and without falling into the easy path of unpersonnal gifts?

There are a lot of great Christmas organizing tips online but I can tell you that these are tried and proven and that I use them every year as they truly give results!

So, ready to go, Rudolf? Let’s get started !

1. Keep a Christmas gifts list


The idea came a few years ago. I had bought beautiful pajamas for my sister. She opened the gift and said “yet another sleepwear?“. Yes. It happened that I had already bought her pajamas the year before. It is at this time that I created my Excel Christmas gifts list. I have a column for every year so I can see what I had given every previous Christmas. I even do it for the birthday gifts now. The other extra benefit is that it keeps you on track on what you have already purchased and for who.

2. Start a ‘Gift account’

I was feeling uncomfortable to have to spend in one month a big amount of money in December for Christmas gifts. So we started a kind of ‘gifts saving budget’. I estimated the usual budget that we spent every year and divided into 12. Every month I put this money aside especially for it. We do this for Christmas, birthdays and other special occasions like weddings. This method has several benefits:

  • It prevents from struggling in December with your gift budget.
  • It allows you to buy for the exact amount that you have planned. You won’t buy expensive things because you know the budget you have for everyone. And you are sure to be able to buy a quality gift for everyone because you’ll have enough money for that.
  • It is the best support for my next tip : shop all year long!

3. Shop your gifts all year long

I am a big fan of this one! Don’t wait until the end of the year to start bying your gifts:

  • You avoid the crowd and the urge the lasts weeks before Christmas.
  • You don’t buy last minut poor gifts because you are short on time
  • You can reduce your budget while shopping during the sales
  • You increase your possibilities to find a personnalised perfect gift.

4. Shop online

Time-saver! And it allows you to be more original as the choice is huge.

5. Buy a wrapping paper package

Last but not least. I love to create beautiful gift wrapping and I found that the most efficient way to do so if your calendar is already very busy is to buy a wrapping set. Several wrapping rolls with ribbons, tapes and labels in beautiful assorted colours are the perfect way to create easily your gift wrapping.

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