The (unofficial) rating of your hotel

Of course the website of your hotel mention the number of “stars”. Based on official criterias, it gives you  an idea of the level of comfort and luxury that you can expect. But we all now that it is just an indication. You can as much be disappointed in 4 star and  than being pleasantly surprised in a 2 star because the service was so great, the surroundings were magical and the decor full of taste.

So what are the true signs of a quality hotel?

Perfect maintenance

Who hasn’t seen on Tripadvisor these pics of luxurious hotels with mold in the bathroom, dust on the TV, stains on the carpet? Sadly the maintenance is sometimes not up to the decor. A perfectly clean and well kept hotel is definitily a very important point that some hotels seem to neglect. No excuse for this one!




Fresh orange juice for breakfast

It is one of these tiny details that are so indicative of the level of comfort of an hotel. When an hotel offers you this little pleasure for breakfast, you can be sure that it is an hotel searching for his customers to have a quality experience. A sign that never fails!



Good mattress

One shouldn’t forget that he takes a room in an hotel to sleep before everything else. A quality mattress with beautiful bedsheets is also a way to evaluate the true number of stars of your hotel. You may have some surprises!



Quiet ambience

Imagine a beautiful luxurious hotel. The bedrooms are amazing. The restaurant is perfect and delicious. The spa is stunning. And there is a lot of noise. How could you possibly enjoy these things? A quiet environment is key. You should’nt hear noise from the bedroom next door. The restaurant should be well organised without people shouting and children running everywhere. Another important point that can make the whole difference!


Toughtful staff

Last but not least! A toughtfull and smiling staff is probably one of the most important criterias. And the best to make your customer give you a 5 star rate!



So what are your personal criterias to evaluate the quality of an hotel? Don’t hesitate to share in a comment below!




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