Chantilly chateau castle

Week-end in Chantilly : Coursons Flower show & culture

We had the pleasure a few weeks ago to spend the weekend in Chantilly, this beautiful historical town North of Paris.

What can you find in Chantilly? Well, besides the lovely town, a wonderful castle, an incredible painting museum, a museum of the Horse and… for a few days, a flower show.

The Courson Flower show (“La Journée des Plantes“) is a very famous one in France. The Domain of Courson has handed “Les Journées des Plantes”, its flagship event for the last 32 years, over to the Domain of Chantilly, which is organizing the 63rd edition of the event that took take place on 16, 17 and 18 October 2015 in its grounds. I was impatient to discover the new version of the Flower Show which was also a good opportunity to discover Chantilly and its landmarks.

In another post I will also write a short review of our hotel during our trip in Chantilly, the beautiful 5 stars Auberge du Jeu de Paume. Stay tuned!

The Flower Show

Coursons Flower show 2015 Chantilly Journée des plantes

Coursons Flower show 2015 Chantilly Journée des Plantes

Coursons Flower show 2015 Chantilly Journée des Plantes mixed border flowers fleurs automne fall

Coursons Flower show 2015 Chantilly Journée des Plantes

Coursons Flower show 2015 Chantilly Journée des Plantes château castle

Coursons Flower show 2015 Chantilly Journée des Plantes


The Castle and the Condé paintings museum

The Castle was built and owned for several centuries by a very famous and noble French family : the Princes of Condé. The gardens are also especially impressive and were created by Le Nôtre, the same gardener that created the gardens of Versailles.The Chantilly Castle also hosts an incredible art collection. The Condé museum has the second most important collection of ancient painting after Le Louvres. It is definitely worth a visit.

Chantilly chateau castle


Chantilly castle château

Chantilly Castle Château


The Museum of the Horse

The Great Stables of the Castle are now dedicated to an animal dear to my heart: the horse. The particularity of the museum is that you can find real horses inside. There are also beautiful horse riding shows. But the architecture of the place in itself is incredibly stunning. Imagine a real castle for the horses… It was built at the time to host the hundreds of horses and hunting dogs of the Prince de Condé. You can imagine the size and the magnificience of the place.

Chantilly Great Stables Grandes Ecuries Musée vivant du cheval Museum of the Horse


If you are interested in a wekkend in Chantilly I highly recommend this destination. You will find useful information on the website of the Domain :


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