James Bond Etiquette : the do and don’ts

No doubt the life of a 00 agent is full of inspiration… With the launch of Spectre, the new James Bond movie, I was in the mood for a post about the best and worst etiquette advices from 007.


Wear a smoking

Men don’t know how to dress these days.


Choose the right hotel

Have you notice that James always pick his hotels very wisely? You can follow his list if Her Majesty pays for your vacation.

The Peninsula HK

Travel a lot

Don’t be afraid to ask for the jet.


Never loose your flegm

A gentleman can loose everything but his self control.


Have a signature cocktail

Every icon should have one.



Fight in public

They already told you that at school.


Neglect your car

A carwash once a month is a minimum.


Drink too much

Sometimes a small picture is better than a long speach.


Flirt with everyone

Let’s face it, James. They usually die or try to kill you.

In the real world, there also freaks, jalous husbands and wives, and other weird situations you really don’t want to live.


Run all the time

Remember that running is only allowed if you wear sportswear unless in case of life or death.


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