How to cure your sunday evening syndrom?

I don’t know about you but for me sunday evening is sometimes a kind of weird moment. It’s supposed to be a good time and you generally want to enjoy every minute of it. But don’t you think that it is not the real scenario in most cases? Sunday evening is often a kind of stressfull moment when you want to prep everything ahead for your week.

And you begin to think about this coming week. The work. The menus. Your to-do list just keep growing and growing as you think about it. Not exactly what you expected for a relaxing evening. Some people even have insomnia the sunday night because of the “before-monday-stress”.


If you think of your ideal sunday evening, what would it be ? Reading a great book with classical music or old fashioned jazz in background ? Or indulging yourself with comfort food while whatching a great movie ?

And what looked your last sunday evenings like? For me, it wasn’t exactly my program. I wanted to do a lot of (aka too much) things and it was neither chic or relaxing. Prepping your week ahead on the sunday evening is an advice that we often read. But it happens to be both a good and a bad thing in my opinion.

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So I wanted to try something different to improve the whole process. Here it is : I try to do things little by little during the weekend and not on the sunday evening. The second point is to be reasonable in my to-do-list choices. The point is to have a productive yet enjoyable weekend that keeps the sunday evening completely chores-free. Just pleasure. Such a relief! I’m enjoying this new organization for a few weeks now and I’m truly convinced! If you think about it, it has a double benefit because you begin your monday more relaxed and rested.

Have you already tried something similar? What do you think of it? Don’t hesitate to share!

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