The Old World preppy essentials for fall

Fall is just in a few days and we can already feel the change. Apples on the trees, the weather is colder in the morning and the rain is coming back… Here are some Old world preppy essentials that will serve you for a lifetime. Certes, some of them are expensive but you can almost consider them as an investment as they will last for decades without being outdated.

A Barbour jacket


If you live in the countryside, it is a must-have. It will lasts forever and is especially effective for all the outdoors activities such as horse-riding, hunting or just for a walk.

Hunter or Aigle boots

Most of prepsters know (and own a pair of) Hunter boots. After all, Hunter holds two Royal Warrants of the British Royal family since years now. So, if Kate wear them, why shouldn’t you, right ? But I highly recommend the Aigle boots which are maybe less royal but will undoubtly give a French flair to your outfit, as it is the chicest boots in France.

A cashmere scarf

etole-tartan-ultrafine (1)
Weather can be very versatile in Europe in Fall. So it is always a good idea to have a scarf with you to warm up your ootd according to the vagaries of weather. Plus, it will give you an air of casual sophistication.

A trench coat (Burberry preferably)

YES it is expensive but YES it is worth it. The close-fitting cut is just inimitable and the fabric is very high-quality. My mother wears her own since decades now and it is still in an impeccable condition. So go for it if you can!

An umbrella

As we said before, Fall means… rainfalls. A beautiful and handy umbrella that fits into your handbag is always a good idea.

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