6 old french songs about summer

If you are a francophile, you certainly love to listen to some old french music. These are a few of some very famous french songs that everybody knows in France.

Le ciel, le soleil et la mer

The sky, the sun and the sea. I mentioned this song from François Deguelt in my previous post about Jackie Kennedy.

La madrague

No traduction in english. La madrague was the name of the house of Brigitte Bardot in the South of France. A very famous song from the iconic Brigitte Bardot (1963). It tells the story of a young girl (Brigitte herself) who leaves her summerhouse and is sad to go back home. Too bad.

Le Sud

The South. A great song from Nino Ferrer in 1975.


Sun. A nice song from Françoise Hardy (1970). The song speaks of her love for the sun and the way it makes her feel.

Les vacances au bord de la mer

Seaside holidays. A very poetic song from Michel Jonasz in 1975. The singer speaks about his vacation with his parents when he was a young boy. The story tells that they had very little money and speaks about all the small and free pleasures that you can have in the summer : looking at the sea, savoring an icecream, playing on the beach…

Sea, sex and sun

No traduction required here. It is a famous song of Serge Gainsbourg in 1978. The lyrics were quite explicits. Not sure it could still be done today (but it is probably true for a lot of other songs from the seventies anyway).

So voilà! Do not hesitate to listen to these songs, close your eyes and in no time you will believe you are on the french riviera for the summer.

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