This weekend we are going on vacation in the South of France with our family. We rented a summerhouse on the Arcachon Bay which is located on the Atlantic Coast not far away from Bordeaux. It is the location where the movie Les petits mouchoirs (“Little white lies”) was shooted. Nice movie by the way, with Marion Cotillard and other great famous French actors.

On my to-do-list for the next two weeks : resting, reading, going to the beach and swimming in the ocean at least once a day, sailing, eating delicious seafood and oysters, visiting some vineyards in the area of Bordeaux with my brother-in-law who is a true connoisseur…

I will write a specific post when I come back to give you an overview of the things to do and of the great places that we might discover.

Meanwhile here are a few pics of our preparations and of the outfits that we take with us.

My first time baby traveller



Our luggages


For the beach

My outfits


His outfits



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